At South Africa Appliance & Gas repairs, we ensure that your broken appliances are adequately serviced so that they can work at the levels that they were designed to. We have been doing this for more than two decades,and we only get positive reviews.

Our main areas of focus

Appliances Repairs: It is usually expensive to repair appliances, more so when it is a big one. We provide high standards repairs on appliances at areasonable cost.

Gas Repairs: We have a competent team of technicians who at ease with repairing gas appliances and we guarantee there will be no more carbon monoxide leakage or even fire that may be caused by poor maintenance.

Maintenance services: We provide support services on appliances after a particular period depending on the type of tool you want to be serviced. These frequent services are critical in preventing your machine from breaking down.

Consultation services: We are always more than happy to provide our customers our advice on the best way to tackle any appliance problem that they may be facing. In case one wishes to buy a new appliance, we take them through the things they need to consider before buying one.