Appliance Repairs

We are experienced in repairing appliances and we are here to help if your appliance needs a fixing and maintenance.

Gas Repairs

Our professionals understand every aspect of repairing gas connections. We install new plumbing and repair existing ones.

Minor Repairs

We also repair all kind of electrical and gas appliances, making sure they operate in top condition.

Core Features Section

At South Africa Appliance & Gas repairs, we understand that very many things contribute to the satisfaction of our customers and the success of the company. Because we are in the business of appliance and gas repairs, we have created a culture of customer service, and dedicated to professionalism. If you need inspections done, contact us and we’ll also issue electrical compliance certificates.We are the best in appliance repair in South Africa.

“To be always there for our customers and provide them with the best possible services when repairing their appliance.”

 To be the No.1 appliance &gas repairs company in the world.

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Neil Muller Owner, Electricians Johannesburg
Miller Johannesburg
Karel Pretoria

We outsourced SAAG to help us deal with setting up the lighting at the 2016 Rugby Championship and we have nothing but kind word for this incredible electricians. The team approach every aspect of the work professionally and maintain communication throughout the project. They are reasonable, reliable, trustworthy, and have a great work ethic.

Neil Muller –Owner, Electricians Johannesburg

Dan and his team did a wonderful job installing a complicated light fixture in our new headquarters in Johannesburg. With the building recently finished, we awarded SAAG the tender to install lighting fixtures and they did an impressive job both indoors and outdoors. They are reliable and great communicators and I highly recommend them.

Miller – Certified DSTV installer (

When we needed to set up new air conditioning equipment in a football stadium in Pretoria within a short time, we could only think of one air conditioner equipment repairs and maintenance company to contact. Together, we did an incredible job and all the units were ready before the start of the season. Thanks guys for the effort and quality work you displayed. We look forward to working together on another project.

Karel –Owner,